"Tbilisi Advocates" offers a vide range of legal services. 



For individuals                                                   For Businesses


Litigation & Dispute Resolution                                     Corporate and Business

Family & Inheritance                                                     Tax & Customs

Housing & Property                                                      Commercial

Employment & Work                                                     Contracts

Immigration                                                                   Workplace Issues

Money & Debt                                                               IP & E-Commerce

Tax & Customs                                                             Financial Advice                                                           

Financial Advice                                                           Banking & Finance

Contracts                                                                      Insurance

Education                                                                     Bankruptcy

Will & Estate                                                                 Real Estate & Construction

Probate                                                                         Licenses and Permits

Power of Attorney                                                         Media & Communications

Legalization & Apostil                                                   Government Affairs

Personal Injury                                                              Litigation & Arbitration